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Insulated Tools and Equipment. It can send chills through you. Visually verifies work is complete. This includes working around or with electrical equipment, but does not include working on or inside electrical equipment. Several factors affect the degree of injury, including skin color, area of skin exposed, and type of clothing worn. Perform an ERAto identify electrical shock hazards, identify arc flash hazards, and assess the risks associated with the type of tasks to be performed. Suitable disconnecting switches or plug connects must be installed to permit the disconnection of all ungrounded conductors of each temporary circuit. The material used in manufacturing makes a difference.

LOTO program and policies. Low voltage does not imply low hazard. Perform the job safety planning ii. Committee; however, participation in consensus decisions resides solely with the Committee members described herein. If a risk then remains, the duty holder must minimise the remaining risk, so far as is reasonably practicable, by implementing administrative controls.

Accidental closing: Although all potential feeds for a deenergizcircuit are required to belocked out prior to the commencement of work, the possibility of someone inadvertently energizing the circuit still remains.

Inadequate wiring is dangerous.
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GFCIs have their limitations. MCC bucket circuits are energized. TRAINING DIVISIONNoise is unwanted sound. PPE are used to complement body positioning techniques where these may not be sufficient to prevent electrical shock. Immediately report any occupational injury or illness from an electrical shock to their manager, supervisor, PI, etc. It is important to control all energy systems involved in the work. Laddersdecision about whether or not a ladder can be used.

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Safety Manual 600 REVISION 601 JF Electric. Maintain tools and equipment. *